Are you a compassionate, generous acupuncturist or a student intern at an accredited college? Do you want to spend a rewarding and meaningful one to two weeks in Uganda or Mexico? Would you like to teach others how to use acupuncture to relieve pain and suffering? We want to hear from you!

We are looking for qualified individuals who want to travel to Uganda or Mexico to be Trainers and share their knowledge, skills, and passion

We have created a manual that in clear and simple terms explains the theory of acupuncture and the techniques associated with it. The manual presents specific acupuncture protocols associated with the health conditions commonly faced by trainees patients.

Reflections from a recent volunteer Trainer:

Working with Global Acupuncture Project (GAP) in Chiapas, Mexico, this past March was the best decision I have made in a long time. Having spent significant time in Latin America, I am wary of non-profit organizations that have good intentions but often end up essentially perpetuating dynamics of colonialism in the process of doing their work. I can definitively say that the GAP model is a truly empowerment-based model of community health worker training. GAP has spent years creating a system for the training that is efficient and effective, but also centers on the experiences and needs of the participants. It does an excellent job of creating an environment for learning that is true to the transmission-based lineage of acupuncture and is also grounded in practical skills.

This opportunity to participate in guiding motivated women, who all are working in the front lines serving their communities, addressing historical and current trauma and lack of access to basic health services, was an inspirational and transformative experience. It helped me remember the passion I felt for acupuncture in the beginning days of my schooling, and even in the early days of my career when I realized how portable, simple, safe, and effective this treatment approach is.

In the past, I have done volunteer brigades where we went to remote villages and offered our services as acupuncturists, without a doubt providing some moments of pain relief, connection, healing. But then we would leave. And as anyone who has received or worked in acupuncture knows, this medicine is dose dependent and the more regularly someone has access to this care, the more profound of an impact it will have on the course of their healing.

The Global Acupuncture Project approach is to train local folks, who already have relationships with the people they are serving, who are the best situated to understand the complex sociocultural/psychospiritual/political and economic context of disease of the individual who is seeking care. The women in the training already had so many skills and we were just putting another powerful tool in their medicine baskets. I was blown away by the confidence with which they picked up the acupuncture skills and the simple elegance and impact of their treatments. Their gratitude for the training was overwhelming.

“I strongly recommend any acupuncturist who is passionate about increasing access to acupuncture to consider volunteering with GAP.”

Teams of four to six travel each time and always include an experienced Trainer. Trainings often include visiting the Trainees’ clinics, which serves as an excellent opportunity for you to learn about healthcare in Uganda or Mexico. Additional time can be spent in Uganda to practice in a village clinic.

All applicants are screened to ensure good fit and skills. If you are accepted, we will provide as much help and training as you need for you to feel comfortable with the Project’s material and teaching methods.

Trainers are responsible for raising funds to cover the cost of their airfare to the host country plus the program fee, which covers the cost of in-country lodging, travel, breakfast and lunch and a portion of the training cost. For details about the fees, please contact the home office ( Participation in activities before or following scheduled work in the host country will incur additional costs. GAP will provide informational materials about the project and consultation to help make sure your fundraising efforts are successful.

U.S. Licensed Acupuncturists can earn up to 10 ceu credits.

Although at first the fund raising may seem daunting, the value of the experience is priceless.

If you are interested, please first read the Position Description. To apply online, click here. To download the Trainer Application and send it to us by post or email, click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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