How You Can Help

Your support is urgently needed to continue and expand the Project.

Our program in Uganda and Mexico, where we have trained 350 local health providers, has been so successful that we have been asked to expand into Tanzania, Malawi, and Zambia. We have also sent teams to Mexico to provide disaster relief and to address the trauma experienced by those affected by the earthquakes.

The Global Acupuncture Project relies on the power and commitment of volunteers. As such, the funds we raise directly support the trainings. Every dollar contributed is used to organize and conduct trainings, purchase needles and other acupuncture supplies, and help us to expand the program to other regions and countries within Africa and Latin America.

Your support is vitally needed. Please respond today!

Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Your donation of an airline ticket will make it possible for another practitioner to participate as a Trainer, enabling GAP to continue its important work.

If you wish to donate your accrued frequent-flyer miles and GAP is not on your airline’s official recipient list, with some extra effort, it is still possible to exercise your charitable instincts.

Miles cannot be transferred for free. But, if you have enough miles to redeem them for an award ticket, you can donate this ticket. The process is as follows: First, contact GAP so we can provide you with the name and desired travel itinerary of the designated traveler. Second, you simply redeem your miles for an award booked in this person’s name.

(Please note that mileage donations do not qualify with the IRS for tax deductions. On the plus side, however, donating miles counts as an account transaction and will extend the life of your remaining miles according to the program’s policy.)

Giving is always the best gift of all.

There are three ways you can help to support and expand the Project's work:


Click on the button to make a donation by credit card using PayPal
mail a check, payable to GAP, to 113 Summit Avenue Brookline MA 02446 USA


The Project continually needs ½", 1", and 1½" needles and other acupuncture supplies. Click here to tell us about any goods you are able to offer.


All donations are fully tax deductible.

Our Generous Supporters

LhasaOMS has been a generous supporter of GAP for many years. When ordering your acupuncture and herbal supplies from LhasaOMS, please consider including a donation to GAP. For more information, please click here.

Thank You to the Good People Fund for its ongoing support

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